In the Pots Volume II

I am on the bus heading back to the jam kitchen after volunteering a couple hours for the orchard work party at my community garden. I have a plot in Seattle's original 'P-Patch'. Picardo it's called and it's first letter is the origin of the 'p' in 'p-patch'.

We tied everbearing raspberries together, weeded the blueberries, currants and gooseberries and some folks pruned the stone fruit trees, which unlike apples and pears, adore a summer pruning. Then everyone harvested what was ripe on the bushes and trees. I ducked out for that part to visit my plot. I picked tomatoes, summer squash, beans, shiso, thai basil, and broccoli. My dear partner Amy met me up there and she weeded, watered and helped harvest. Now she's hauling the veggies up to our home while I return to the jam kitchen to finish my three day weekend of jam making.

Saturday was Strawberry Blackberry. Yesterday was Nectarine Blackberry and today, Monday, is many, many jars of Blackberry Prune. Lots of blackberries! I bought 80 lbs of them on Saturday and my sole mission of the weekend has been channeling blackberries into 100's of little glass jars.

Back to work!