stone fruit

Stone Fruit

If you don't count the tiny "stones" in cherries then Apriums are usually some of the first stone fruits at the market. The bee fruit honey preserves subscription is about to kick off and in this week's kettle I've got Apriums. I'm making a perfume-oriented jam with dabs of orange blossom water and almond extract. I found some gorgeous, firm and ruby orange Apriums at the Queen Anne Farmers Market yesterday. Bombin' market by the way. I'm taking several days off from work and it's the perfect time to do some jam cramming, but first I had to find a nearby Thursday farmers market. Queen Anne was the closest. It was my first visit to this independent Seattle neighborhood farmers market. It's a couple bus transfers away from home for me but the market was worth the trip. Lots of folks and vendors there that you don't see at other markets. The Apriums are spending an afternoon in the sun of my kitchen window before they get macerated overnight with honey. While the Apriums are hanging out I'm making strawberry cake and I'm seeing if I can get a lemon curd to hold together with chunks of strawberry in it. I want to use that as the cake frosting. What are you doing on Saturday? Want to come over for cake?