A "CSA" for preserves: the Winter Honey Preserves Subscription

20121215-222101.jpgEach week in my kitchen I make densely textured and fruit-redolent jams with just honey, fruit and lemon juice. Be a part of product development, invest in a fledgling project and the making of a tiny business by subscribing and you shall receive the very best of the these small jam batches. The subscription runs January- March, those quiet months. In the subscription, marmalade abounds (seville oranges, meyer lemons, tangerines, grapefruit) along with quince, apple, guava, pear, kumquat, cranberry, and pomegranate preserves.

Preserve Packages ranging from 3 to 9 jars. Jars are 6 ounces.

3 jars >; $34* 5 jars >; $52* 7 jars >; $72* 9 jars >; $86*

*suggested donation

To work out the details, email me vmsmiley [at] gmail [dot] com or leave a comment/question below.

Thank you