ta-do list now-april

maybe this way, it will all come true...

Finalize 2014-15 production flavors.

Brainstorm new flavors to cook in small batches for 2014-15 jam subscribers.

Create a V Smiley Preserves postcard with contact and social media info.

Commission 1-3 original pieces by Hannah Viano.

Launch a new website with Michelle Szwedo’s help that features original artwork by Hannah Viano, Jennifer Walker Hill, and photography by Willa Kveta.

Make a first draft of designs for 2014-15 jar labels (arranging the format, sizing, and spacing of the words that make up a flavor like pear quince orange ginger) so Nova Askue can finalize the designs.

Have labels printed.

Assemble a list of publications to send jam samples to this coming summer and fall.

File my 2013 personal taxes.

Find a bookkeeper.

Apply to the Ballard Farmers Market for Fall/Winter 2014.

Write the New Haven, Vermont zoning board with a detailed plan of what Amy and I would like to do with my mother’s farm and find out what’s possible/impossible.

Research a shipping program so I can

Launch V Smiley Preserves online store.

Visit my sister and old friends in Los Angeles.

Visit Amy’s mom in Montana

Host my mother for 10 days in March.

Photocopy images of passive built structures to start creating a lookbook of designs for Vermont plans.

Research and write a simple cheese and jam pairing rubric for handing out at my farmers market stand.

easy, right?