In the Pots Volume I

Today I finally, finally, finally sold my jams to Renee Ericksen the owner of The Whale Wins in Seattle. I work in the kitchen at the Whale. We have talked for several months about selling my jam there, but there have been so many dots to connect to get there. The labels came back from the printer. I hauled out my stores of jars and applied away. Renee perched the jars near the entrance to the restaurant. I should have taken a picture, but the whole thing made me so giddy I just couldn't. Currently on sale are Apricot Butter, Nectarine Blackberry Jam, and Blackberry Prune Jam.

In the pots tomorrow, I'll cook down and jar Apricot Nectarine Jam, the last of the apricots. Billy's Gardens delivered peaches and tomatoes today and I'll spend the day prepping that fruit for Sunday jam-making. Everything must be peeled and chopped, measured and have appropriate amounts of honey and fresh squeezed lemon juice added.  

Tomorrow also marks the all-important set-up of my books. Oy! My dear friend Stephanie is coming over from Whidbey Island to guide me through the process. Hello Quickbooks. It's been a while. I used to do data entry in Quickbooks for artists in LA. The work turned me into a ruthless receipt collector. My poor wallet's never been the same since.

Thought you'd enjoy this pretty pic of Agastache Blossoms sitting on Blackberry Jam.