The Jam Jar Homes

Hello on a Friday evening! I have just come home from a meeting with the buyer from Pasta & Co, the University Village and Bellevue food shops sistered to Beechers Cheese Company. Turns out they love jam and their buyer Jessica has been pushing them in the locally made direction. They will be carrying my Fall/winter flavors Quince Marmalade and Cranberry Apple Marmalade. This is a lovely bookend on a challenging week which I mostly spent in bed doing battle with my overexcited wisdom teeth and a fever. Thank goodness for antibiotics, painkillers, my partner Amy, and Seasons 4 & 5 of 30Rock, which together have helped me weather the wisdom teeth attack.

More jam news is more jam homes. Look for V Smiley Preserves at Lower Queen Anne's Marx foods starting next week. Several small batch--fun flavors that are hard to find--are now on the shelves at The Pantry at Delancey. Check out their awesome cooking classes online too. I learned how to make jam because of their classes. Lastly, the big, no, the epic one, West Seattle Farmers Market!! I officially debuted the V Smiley Preserves stand last weekend at the very same time my wisdom teeth were trying to claim new gumline territory. I'm excited to do the market again next week, the 17th (pain free I'm hoping). It is an honor to be selling in the Seattle Farmers Market. They are a venerable system for accessing the best ingredients. And winter markets are another whole level. The cold is intense! So come support your mittened farmers and producers. See you at the Junction Sunday the 17th of November.