Pink in the pan

Had to share this very pretty picture.It

20130324-171617.jpg This is beets and Meyer lemons combined in the copper pan with honey just before the final cookdown. The final and finished color of the marmalade is more brown than purple. You have probably seen the color I'm talking of. It happens to the skin of the beet when roasted in the oven. I don't yet know the flavor of beet and Meyer lemons with honey. It's too soon to tell. But I do know more about my jam labels and how I want them to look. Here are some looks. Pink is a favorite color of mine. I wrote a whole piece about the color in college and I continue to enjoy the complex associations with pink. Placed on a jam label it looks...yes, feminine. And then sky blue? A baby boys color for sure but set with serious and official black these are the colors that for me evoke a sense of fancy, freshness, and wide-openness which are the emotions I associate with modern preserve making.