Marmalade Bundle - 6 oz jars


Marmalade Bundle - 6 oz jars

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The bitter the better!

V Smiley Preserves produces a range of marmalades. This preserve type essentially means jelly interspersed with fruit pieces.

The marmalade bundle delivers predominantly citrus flavors (Seville oranges, Bergamot oranges, Navel oranges, limes, etc), sometimes combined with other fruit like apricots or pears and often softened or heightened by using aromatics like vanilla bean or coffee beans. The bundle also includes non-citrus marmalades, elderberries when they are available, apples, quince, etc.

Here's how the marmalade bundle works:

  • Prices include shipping and handling.

  • There are quantity options, we call them Smaller and Larger respectively, designed to fit your household size.

  • "Smaller" delivers 8 jars and "Larger" delivers 16 jars.

  • Gifting the bundle? Simply enter the name and phone number of your recipient in the Additional Notes section at checkout.

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