This week’s free honey sweetened preserve…

Montmorency Cherry September Plum Jam

The 6 oz jar from V Smiley Preserves.

The 6 oz jar from V Smiley Preserves.

Every Thursday morning V Smiley Preserves lists a new flavor in a 6 oz jar that you could win, just like that, snap of the fingers.

You, honey jam lovers, along with the bees, are the bedrock of this little company. Having the chance to sell these preserves direct to you is the sustainable future of a jam company sweetening exclusively with treatment free Vermont honey and no added pectin. Help us spread the word!

The weekly giveaway flavor goes live Thursdays at 9 am EST and a randomly selected winner will be e-mailed the following Wednesday at 5 pm EST.

**Make sure you are checking in your junk folder just in case that’s where the “you’re this week’s winner!” email ends up landing.**

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