Seasonal Jam Bundle 6 oz jars - Summer Summer Summer


Seasonal Jam Bundle 6 oz jars - Summer Summer Summer

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In celebration of the seasons that drive how we cook and eat, V Smiley Preserves divides the year into 3 parts. Every 4 months we release a distinct collection of jams and conserves. The flavors reflect what's going on outside, from the weather that shapes our day to day cravings to the growing cycle that gives us Strawberries in June and Bergamot oranges in January. The bundles are the most economical way to purchase V Smiley Preserves because shipping is included!

Here's how the seasonal bundle works:

-Prices include shipping and handling.

- There are quantity options, we call them Smaller and Larger respectively, designed to fit your household size.

- "Smaller" delivers 8 jars and "Larger" delivers 16 jars.

- The jam-maker picks the flavors in your bundle (but absolutely drop a note in your order if you have allergies or strong preferences).

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Flavor examples for:

Spring Hinterlands - Rhubarb Vanilla Jam | Cherry Rosehip Hibiscus Jam | Aromatics Series built from Apple Honey Jelly including Spicy Pepper, Rosehips & Rose, Orange Black Cardamom | Cherry Sherry Fennel Savory Jam | Royal Blenheim Apricot Navel Orange Conserve | Strawberry Grapefruit.

Summer, Summer - Black Raspberry Jam | Gooseberry Jam | Red Currant Jam | Nectarine Fig Rum Star Anise Conserve | Peach Jam | Habanero Peach Jam | Apricot Jam | Strawberry Apricot Jam | Blueberry Tutti Frutti Hyssop Jam | Red Currant Black Raspberry Jam | Tomato Jam | Spicy Tomato Jam | Nectarine Plum Cherry Conserve | Plum Long Pepper Onion Jam | Elderberry Plum Jam | Pluot Apple Gin Jam

Wild & Wintered - Pear Quince Orange Ginger Marmalade | Apple Warm Spices Conserve | Bosc Pear Bearss Lime Vanilla Marmalade | Cranberry Apple Quince Marmalade | Plum Kumquat Cardamom Conserve | Savory Pear White Pepper Lemon Marmalade | Seville Rum Marmalade | Bergamot Orange Marmalade | Seville Orange Date Coffee Marmalade |